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Child Development Center:

Our Philosophy

Our Center is developmentally oriented with the primary emphasis on the individual child. Our classrooms are learning center- based and new activities are planned daily. Rooms are designed so that children have numerous choices within an environment of maximum learning opportunities. Our teachers act as facilitators, encouraging and supporting children in a wide range of curriculum.

One of the highest priorities of the Center is to provide a quality, individualized curriculum that fosters the social, emotional, physical, and intellectual growth and development of each child. In addition, an essential component of the program is offering a safe, healthy and stimulating environment.

Children take part in activities designed to help them explore their environment. The curriculum is planned to enable children to experiment with materials at their own pace and allows for maximum independence. The Center provides a range of teaching and nurturing styles and offers a diverse curriculum which is representative of the children in the program.

We encourage a strong partnership between home and school and recognize that our role is to support parents during these critical early years. Communication between parents and staff is an essential component of the program. Serious changes in your life may affect your child; it is recommended, therefore, that you discuss these issues with your child’s teachers. All sensitive issues will be kept confidential.

Child Development Center at IVC
Child Development Center
5500 Irvine Center Drive, CDC 100
Irvine, CA 92618

T: 949-451-5484

Hours of Operation

Mon:​   7am - 6 pm ​
​Tue: ​  7am - 6pm
​Wed: ​  7am - 6pm
​Thu:   ​7am - 6pm
​Fri: ​  7am - 6pm

Child Development Center guided tours are given on 
Tuesdays at
Wednesday at 2:30pm
Thursdays at 3pm
No prior appointment necessary!

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