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Child Development Center:

The Very, Very Flexible Daily Schedule

  • Emphasis on the development of the Whole Child - cognitive, language, social, emotional, and physical.
  • Focus on building Relationships, learning how to Solve Problems and Expressing Emotions.
  • An Emerging Curriculum based on each Child's Interest and Individual Needs.

Note: Indoor / Outdoor times will vary due to seasonal changes.

Download Very Flexible Schedule

7:00 am | Children begin to arrive, wash hands and start their day. Cereal and milk is offered to the children. Red Room is the opening classroom. It is strongly recommended that your child arrives by 9:00 am to connect with the other children.

8:30 am | Children have a choice of being inside or outside. They have the opportunity to explore a variety of environments and learning centers which are based on the interests of the children. It is strongly recommended that your child arrives by 9:00 am to connect with the other children.

9:30 am | Children go to their classrooms, wash hands and sit down for a healthy snack. Please avoid bringing your child to school between 9:30 am and 10:00 am. as they are transitioning between outside and inside for snack time. This will ensure that all children have a good start to their day!

10:00 am | Children divide into their small groups. One group stays inside and one group goes outside. Table activities are set up daily.

Inside choices include:

  • Learning Center
  • Art Center
  • Block Center
  • Housekeeping Center
  • Manipulative Center
  • Science Center
  • Writing Center
  • Computer Center
  • Library

Group time includes:

  • Stories
  • Songs & Music
  • Creative Movement

Outside choices include:

  • Bikes & Scooters
  • Balls
  • Sandbox
  • Water play
  • Outdoor structures for climbing

11:00 am | Children who are outside go inside and children who are inside go outside.

12:00 pm | All children have lunch together.

12:45 pm | Rest time.

2:00 pm | As children awaken they put their bed and blanket away and choose a learning center, for example: Art Center, Block Center, Housekeeping Center, Manipulative Center, Science Center, Computer Center and Library.

3:00 pm | Children wash hands and sit down for a healthy snack.

3:30 pm | Group Time includes stories, songs, music and creative movement.

4:00 pm | Outside yards and one classroom is opened. Yards and classrooms are rotated weekly so that the children have the opportunity to interact with children from other classrooms and explore a variety of environments.

5:30 pm | Children come inside for Group Time. A light snack is offered.

6:00 pm | Children say good bye as the Center closes for the day!

Child Development Center at IVC
Child Development Center
5500 Irvine Center Drive, CDC 100
Irvine, CA 92618

T: 949-451-5484

Hours of Operation

Mon:​   7am - 6 pm ​
​Tue: ​  7am - 6pm
​Wed: ​  7am - 6pm
​Thu:   ​7am - 6pm
​Fri: ​  7am - 6pm

Child Development Center guided tours are given on 
Tuesdays at
Wednesday at 2:30pm
Thursdays at 3pm
No prior appointment necessary!

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